Vintage Culture Talks About his Success with the Remix for ‘Slow Down’ and Future Plans

Melody and Lyrics are important to me. This is a key focus.

Hello, how are you?

During this unusual time, I’m filling my days with music: writing, producing, exploring new genres. I’m collaborating with writers / producers from around the world ( online of course. ) 

Surprisingly this has been a very creative time. Although I miss the fans and the excitement of shows, I have been pushing myself musically to expand my creative process. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself so that our readers could get to know you better?

While still in school in Brazil, I began producing music at an early age on a tiny laptop that my mother gave to me. One of my earliest influences was New Order, Depeche Mode and music from the UK.  Even today they are 2 of my favorites. 

The last 5-6 years have been music non-stop.  I’m grateful to say, it has worked out well. 

Moving from the smallest clubs to some of the biggest venues in the world has been a humbling and remarkable experience. 

You’ve managed to become quite the successful DJ/producer. How has the journey been for you up until this point?

Challenging myself is part of my creative process. Believe me, not everyday has been easy, but fighting for our goals is part of life. Perhaps if achieving this success had come too easily, I wouldn’t appreciate it the way that I do.  But now I’m grateful for every fan and proud of every track I release. In 2019 I was very pleased to expand my International audience with sold out shows in New York, San Francisco, Boston and Miami.  And my first Number #1 Billboard Dance Club Hit with “In The Dark.”  This song has also reached 5 Time Platinum in my homeland, Brazil. 

What was your favorite track to remix so far?

There are many so I’ll have to choose one of my all time favorites- 

“Slow Down” which was originally recorded by Maverick Sabre & Jorja Smith. 

I worked together with a very talented producer here in Brazil – Slow Motion.  The passion and emotion of  the vocal performances immediately caught my attention.

The remix you did for ‘Slow Down’ together  with Slow Motion got a lot of attention garnering millions of views and streams. Were you expecting all of that?

I was certainly hoping for a successful release… But I can’t say I was expecting it. We did our very best work on this beautiful song and I’m proud of the results. We wanted to keep the focus of the song on the beautiful vocal performances by Maverick & Jorja – while at the same time creating a rhythm track that made the fans move. I think we accomplished this. 

How did you come up with the idea of remixing Maverick Sabre’s song?

I’ve been a fan of Maverick Sabre’s work for some time, so when my friend and collaborator – producer Slow Motion- suggested a remix together, I immediately loved the idea. We spent a long time getting the production right before we even sent it to Maverick. Generally the remix process is that a label comes to the producer and requests a remix. But with Slow Down, we completely produced the remix and mastered the track. After this, we contacted Maverick’s & Jorja’s team for approval to release.  Thankfully- they loved our results.

How would you describe your sounds?

Melody and Lyrics are important to me. This is a key focus. Often I will build the track around a unique vocal performance. The track also has to set a mood… create a vibe.

Having the fans dance plus sing the vocal hook at shows is key to my productions. 

What can you tell us about new music and remixes? When should we expect a new release?

On July 3rd my remix of Robin Schulz’ single, “Oxygen” will be released on Warner Music.  I’ve also recently completed a remix for Duke Dumont. 

To give your readers an idea of how much music I’ve been recording- My release schedule is full into  2021.  Now the challenge has become trying to find a release date – but this to a good challenge to have. 

Do you have anything else you are excited about to share with our readers?

On July 26th I’ll be appearing at Tomorrowland’s main stage for their online festival. Tickets are on sale now. I have collaborations coming up with some of the biggest European producers in our business – but I can’t announce this just yet.  I’ve never been more proud of the music I’m creating and feel I’m finally getting close to my true sound. 

What is the biggest goal you have in your musical career?

I want to stay inspired, happy and creative. If I can do this, everything else will fall into place.  Of course there is always a bigger venue or another Billboard Chart, another country in which to tour, But if I stay inspired by the music this will all happen naturally. 

This is all, for now! Thank you for your time.

Thank you too – And I look forward to seeing the music fans on the road again soon.

Download and stream: Maverick Sabre – ‘Slow Down’ (feat. Jorja Smith) (Vintage Culture x Slow Motion remix)

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