Warner Music Group Joins Forces with FIVE Hotels and Resorts for Burgeoning Record Label: FIVE Music

In a move that is likely to send ripples through the music industry, trailblazing FIVE Hotels and Resorts has forged a progressive partnership with the iconic Warner MusicGroup for the future of the disruptive luxury brand’s record label, FIVE Music.

This new joint venture will not only make use of Warner Music Groups’ worldwide network of chart busting talent, but will further bring FIVE’s visionary musically-driven events and taste making to the forefront of the international music scene.

Regularly attracting top artistic talent from around the world to perform, FIVE is ideally positioned to understand budding customer tastes and musical trends. FIVE has quickly asserted itself as a coveted luxe leisure destination for travellers and adventure-seekers alike, fusing the perennial musical tastes of the Dubai-based brand with their phenomenal, award winning take on luxury resorts, culinary hotspots, and vibrant party venues.

An ever-expanding Hospitality Group, which includes FIVE Palm Jumeirah, FIVE Jumeirah Village, FIVE Zurich and FIVE LUXE (launching in Q4 of 2023), FIVE’s Music Vertical fits like a glove into FIVE’s overarching ecosystem of entertainment, which has music at its very core. The label is all set to sign world-famous talent and to give guests an exclusive destination for ‘next level’ multi-sensory immersive entertainment offerings with ‘FIVE-star’ music at the very heart of it all.

To kick off the celebrations, FIVE Music – along with Warner Music Central Europe, Dabruck Creative(DC) and FIVE Music’s exclusive music publishing partner Warner Chappell Music – will host an exciting Music Writing Camp from April 28th 2023 to May 14th 2023 at FIVE Palm Jumeirah, Dubai with ace artists such as Robin Schulz, Space Motion, Franky Wah and Alle Farben and renowned writers such as KIDDO, Bully Songs, Gez O’Connell (to name just a few) joining the collaborative in creating the ‘Sound of FIVE’ for a new generation of fans on a global stage.

Now, partnering with Warner Music Group, FIVE continues to up the musical ante – even committing to a state-of-the-art FIVE Music Studio at Dubai’s famous, FIVE Palm Jumeirah – offering a place where producers, musicians and writers from across the globe can collaborate to make their musical dreams a reality.

Fabian Drebes and Doreen Schimk, Co-Presidents Warner Music Central Europe elaborate,
“We are excited to work with FIVE Music and to be able to offer our artists and writers an excellent and exciting site to perform, write and produce music. With FIVE Music, Dabruck Creative (DC) and Warner Chappell Music, we are sure to have forged an alliance with a true impact on the international music scene.”

Stefan Dabruck, Dabruck Creative goes on to say,
“I am thrilled to work on this exciting project together with my partners – FIVE and Warner Music. I think we have created something extremely special together. We cannot wait to welcome the world’s top songwriters, producers and artists – and I am sure we will listen to some smash hits ‘Made in Dubai’, very soon!“

Aloki Batra, CEO, FIVE Hospitality comments on the new joint venture,
“FIVE’s ethos revolves around first-in-class entertainment driven destinations with our unique ‘Vibe at FIVE’ that attracts a global diaspora of music lovers. It made perfect sense for us to align with global musical giant, Warner Music Group when expanding our signature label, FIVE Music.

Kabir Mulchandani, Chairman and Founder, FIVE, summarizes,
“From beachside to rooftop, there’s no doubt that music runs through FIVE’s DNA and therefore we can’t wait to continue growing this division of our evolving portfolio to flourish alongside such a longstanding and respected musical hit maker.”

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