Freshcobar & Golden Girl Bringing a Fresh Spin to the Classic Hit ‘Missing’ – An Exclusive Interview!

1. Hey Freshcobar and Golden Girl, how are you? Glad to have you here to hear more about your latest cover of Everything But The Girl’s “Missing“.
Freshcobar: I am doing great thank you for asking! Just been working a lot in the studio and excited to see the first release with Lavelle Dupree on NOS Recordings currently charting on Beatport.

Golden Girl: Hey there, I am doing great as well. I am getting prepared for them release to come out,  so it is very exciting for us.

2. What inspired you to cover “Missing” and how did you choose this particular song for your release?

Freshcobar: To be honest, I started this track as a bare skeleton, drums and bass. And I was looking for things to add and I decided maybe I can look for an acapella. I stumbled across the Missing acapella in my laptop and it just seemed to work perfectly so I ran with it. So originally it was an unofficial remix before a cover. I played it for Golden Girl in the studio and she wanted to redo the vocals so hence the cover version was born.

Golden Girl: Yes, when Freshcobar showed me the track, I immediately knew this was a cover that I wanted to do. The melody and lyrics over the beat inspired me to bring back a 90’s classic.

3. Can you walk us through the process of creating the cover for “Missing”? How did you approach the arrangement, vocals and production?

Freshcobar: Started with a drum and bass at my home studio actually. Found the acappella that worked well. The next day I went to my studio to flesh it out. My friend Mai Mai came by before her show with DJ Heather that night and she’s like I have to play this out tonight! I gave her an advance copy before it was actually mastered and went to see her play. She dropped the tune and it went off so I was sold on finishing the remix. That week Golden Girl heard it and that’s when the cover version was born.

Golden Girl: The vocals and arrangement were something we wanted to do similar to the original, but putting my own twist on it is what gave it more of a distinct sound. Freshcobar did an amazing job at putting the arrangement together.

4. What do you hope to bring to the table with your version of “Missing”? Are there any particular elements that you wanted to emphasize or highlight?

Freshcobar: I just want to share a classic with the younger generation. I always felt that vocals were very emotional and had a lot of meaning and the fact that I used to hear it when I started DJing clubs as an under-age kid but not anymore was shocking. With everyone remixing everything at the moment I’m surprised no one has touched this one.

Golden Girl: I agree with Freshcobar, bringing a classic like this to a younger generation was exciting to me as a 26 year old. Having a young vocalist on this track is captivating and inspiring! Especially with a fun, power house beat behind it.

5. What was it like working together on this project? Did you face any challenges or obstacles while recording the cover?

Freshcobar: No this was our first recording together and it went flawlessly.

Golden Girl: Truly, everything came together beautifully like it was meant to be.

6. How important do you feel covers are in the music industry today? Do you think they can offer a new perspective or interpretation of a song?

Freshcobar: I think covers can bring a fresh perspective and keep a song alive if done well. As stated originally this song was not created initially as a cover but that’s what’s great about it everything just worked. 

Golden Girl: Absolutely, I think covers are great because there is certain music that is timeless and it is important to show some light on music that is just as good today as it was 30 years ago. And for listening it can show them something that is new to them, but can discover artists that have the same effect as they did when it first came out.

7. Who are some of your biggest musical influences, and how have they impacted your sound and style?

Freshcobar: I listen to everything from old samples to hip hop, jazz, funk, soul etc. Being an old open format DJ has helped me learn about many different styles of music. I am also a sample collector. I am a huge fan of J Dilla and other hip hop producers like Hi-Tek and Pete Rock. I think their beats and the fact that I made a lot of hip hop and R&B influences my production style for sure. 

Golden Girl: I first started singing in a jazz band at 18, so naturally I loved listening to jazz, soul, and R&B music. From Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald to Sade, Alicia Keys, and Lauryn Hill. Listening to those vocalists helped me shape my voice and sound to be able to carry into my music today.

8. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians (producers and vocalists alike) who are just starting out in the industry?

Freshcobar: Learn your tools well, understand why you are doing something in the studio and then practice. Persistence is key.

Golden Girl: As a person who’s just starting out myself, listening to different styles of music, and working with different producers has helped me shape my craft. Consistently working and wanting to be better is what is going to make you grow. Also, supporting other local artists and trying to stay inspired!

9. What’s next for Freshcobar and Golden Girl after the release of “Missing”? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations together or separate that we can look forward to for each one of you?

Freshcobar: We have a track together called ‘Days Long Gone’ that’s already recording, mixed and mastered and is slated for release later this year. We are constantly working on new tunes as well. 

Golden Girl: We are continuing to work on more tracks, tuning in and focusing on some great projects to come, very excited.

10. This is all for now. Thank you so much for your time. Where can our audience find you guys on socials?


Golden Girl:

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