We Had a Very Interesting Chat with MOSKA Right Before his Virtual Set for 1001Tracklists

My new track 'My Love' that's is coming out the same day of my set (friday 26th)

Hello, how are you?

Hey man! I’m good!! making a lot of music, playing a lot of Warzone and excited about the VIRTUAL FEST 3.0

Can you tell us more about you, who is the person behind the name of MOSKA?

Daniel is the one behind MOSKA, a boy of 26 years old from Colombia, passionate by music and video games.

How does a day in your life look right now, during this COVID-19 pandemic? Because every DJ had a busy life before the pandemic and staying at home now might feel strange.

Yeahh! Is really strange tbh, I miss touring and traveling… but for the rest… I think it’s the same haha, studio time all day and video games too… and a little of work out!

How and at what age did you get into music production and DJing?

I start producing at the age of 13 years old, thanks to a friend who show me FL STUDIO and thanks to Laidback Luke and his remix of ‘Sex Weed’! when I listened to that track back in the days I fell in love immediately with electronic music, and one day I saw a video of Sensation White in Amsterdam… DAMNN what a festival.

What are the hobbies you have that give you a lot of satisfaction doing them?

Well I love swimming! and I love video games, I think video games relax me a lot! anddd making music too… for me it’s a hobbie 🙂

What was your reaction when you got the proposal to play for 1001tracklists Virtual Festival 3.0?

I feel really excited about being part of this amazing festival during this though times. I respect a lot 1001 tracklists and for me is a honor be part of this festival with such cool and amazing talents from latin america and all around the world!

Can you highlight a track or two that you will play during your set for the 1001tracklists?

YESSS! My new track ‘My Love’ that’s is coming out the same day of my set (friday 26th)! you gonna love that track! really melodic and euphoric! anddddd…. my track ’90s’, right now that track it’s crushing in the beatport charts and everyone is playing it! it’s a track I’m really proud of it.

Can you tell us what makes 1001tracklists and/or their Virtual Festival stand out to you?

Well, it’s 1001 Tracklist! the best web page for DJ’s and producers to find new music! and the line up! damnnn a lot of amazing dj’s!

What’s your favourite festival you have ever attended?

Tomorrowland and EDC Mexico… I loveeee MEXICO!

Do you have planned any collaborations for this year, if so, can you share some hints about it to our audience? 

Yesss! I’m working right in a collab with Deniz Koyu (such an amazing producer) and Leandro Da Silva (the lord of the groove haha)

This is all for now! Thank you for your time!

Thank you guysss for having me!

Make sure you watch the 1001Tracklists Virtual Festival 3.0 – https://www.1001tracklists.com

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