Interviews AAZAR Speaks About his Virtual Set for 1001Tracklists, What Makes him Happy...

AAZAR Speaks About his Virtual Set for 1001Tracklists, What Makes him Happy and Staying Home with his Family

Hello how are you?

I’m fine thank you! 2020 is definitely a year I will remember, lots of big stuff coming next. I’m very excited.

Can you tell us a little about yourself, so that our readers could get to know you better, and how you got involved in the music industry?

I’m from Paris, I love music! I’m not into one specific genre, I really love all types of music as long as it’s good! I produced trap, bass house, moombahton, also music with an 80s vibe so very eclectic… I’m also a member of the band Point Point (@pointpointparis).
I’ve been listening to music since I was a kid. My mother was a big fan of music, and my father was a DJ, so that’s probably why I ended up here haha.

How does a day in your life look right now, during this COVID-19 pandemic?

Actually I can’t complain. All the people I love are healthy, I had all this time to stay with my family and my daughter, I was there when she said dad for the first time and lots of things like that. This time has been priceless. I actually felt good actually that everything stopped, I think I needed this to recharge my batteries and be inspired again. I wrote a lot of songs during this COVID time, and can’t wait to put them out!

What are the hobbies that keep you busy?

Playing soccer & basketball with my friends, listening to music everyday, finding new talent, new singers etc. And spending time with the people I love. Simple moments are the best moments.

From where do you get inspiration while producing music?

It depends, for example, I put out a remix I did a few days ago. I dreamt about it, and when I woke up, It was still in my head (which is very rare) and I made it. Inspiration comes from a lot of things. Music I’m listening to, people I’m talking with, TV shows I’m watching, travel etc etc.

What makes 1001Tracklists and their Virtual Festival special to you?

1001tracklist is THE website for DJ’s. I remembered back in the day when I was just starting, I was excited and proud to see that the last mix I did was on 1001Tracklists with the playlist. This is also the go to website to check out new music via the DJ sets they are posting everyday.
You know that all the DJ’s use 1001 Tracklists, so this is definitely the right spot to play some unreleased stuff 😈😈

Because you’re playing at 1001tracklists Virtual Festival, have you prepared some IDs for your set?

Ahah of course! 5 new Aazar tracks are on it 🔥🔥

Tell us some more about the Chef AAZAR and why you chose to record your set in a bakery?

I’m from France and you know, food is very important to us, it’s a big part of our culture. I’m also a bread lover, pain au chocolat & croissant lover ha ha so I had to record it in my favorite bakery, The French Bastards Bakery in Paris!

Can you tell us anything about your upcoming releases, and with which artists you may be working with in the future?

I have a few club tracks ready. One with PsychoBoys Club, one with Atrip, another one with Uniiqu3 and one solo. I’m working on the follow up of my record Diva, I’m super proud of this record, it’s H U G E. Big features on it, still finishing few details but it will hopefully be out very soon!

Can you say some motivational words for all the upcoming producers out there?

Crazy stuff is happening to me right now. Stuff that I didn’t even think possible 10 years ago. It’s just about working hard, trying your best. You’ll fail but that’s how you grow. Try it again. Be patient. Do not give up. And one day, you’ll make it!

What’s your biggest dream at this moment?

I’m living my dream. My family is doing well, I wake up every morning doing what I love. BIG projects on the way. What more could I ask for? I just have to stay focused, keep grinding and stick to the plan!

This is all for now! Thank you for your time!

You’re welcome thanks to you, see you soon, and don’t forget, secure the baguette!!

Make sure you watch the 1001Tracklists Virtual Festival 3.0 –

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