Rudosa, from a “Breakthrough” artist to a major “Global” act on the Techno scene.

Sometimes being good is not enough. A lot of people do say that the road to success takes way more than that. The recipe to success can include, patience, talent, time and dedication, and a lot of hard work, all together!

That’s exactly what Mark Bradbury, AKA Rudosa did! Now being one of the major UK techno acts, and recently has been known as a “breakthrough” artist. Since a decade ago, his love for the underground didn’t fade away. His recent EP’s are getting stronger and better are being supported more and more. His tracks over the past recent years have been supported by some of the biggest names such as Adam Beyer, Charlotte de Witte, Carl Cox, and Richie Hawtin, just to name a few.

Rudosa has made it to top 10 techno Beatport charts quite several times with his productions and tracks. Most
notable ones include his 2019 “Move With Me” EP (Saura), which peaked at No.5 on Beatport’s Techno
chart. Further success followed in 2019 with the release of his 3-cut “Technical Difficulties”
offering, which climbed the ranks to achieve a No.3 spot. Rounding out the year with an
inaugural release on his own highly anticipated Moments In Time imprint, Rudosa’s
“Obsolescence” EP graced the Top 5, cultivating a lasting impression with a global audience
and firmly setting a precedent of things to come.

Rudosa surely is a true success story that things can happen if you want them too and if you work hard enough! In recent times he has been working on a record label and music school in order to refine and imprint his touch of trance-inducing techno and promises a catalog of sensory experiences. His talent and sounds will always have a place in the techno scene.

Listen and get to know more about his sounds via his recent live stream via his Facebook page, Click here for his recent LiveStream event.

Check out his “Obsolescence” track Below:

Paul Gryllz
Paul Gryllz


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