Felix Kröcher Talks “I Am The Night”, Connecting with Fans & Bright Future Plans [INTERVIEW]

An exclusive interview with the legend who has continued to guide the sound of techno for more than two decades

In an industry where emerging artists fade away as quickly as they rise up, Felix Kröcher has managed to stay relevant and at the top of his game for more than two decades setting new trends with his own creative interpretation of techno. The ‘German Techno Master’ according to DJ Mag continues his strong run with his latest release “I Am The Night” which is out now via his own FK-Recordings.

The single features a hard-hitting bassline with groovy drums that are sure to get you moving on the dancefloor during those late hours in the night. LMNL, or Simon Batten provides exceptional vocal performance over a masterpiece of production that has minted this song to be played at clubs and festivals all over the world.

Coming from the motherland of electronic music, the legendary German producer & DJ has carved his own space in the industry. He stands out as one of the most influential artists who helped shape the sound of techno music for many years and generations. The best part about his decorated journey is that it’s far from over and you will continue to hear a lot more from Felix when it comes to fresh, long-lasting, and high-quality techno.

You can read our full interview with Felix Kröcher below.

  1. Hello Felix, how are you? We are glad to have you here.

Hey guys! Thanks so much for having me. I am doing great. Hope you are, too!

  1. You have recently released the club-ready single ‘I Am The Night’ that delivers high on energy with a catchy bassline. Can you tell us more about the song and how you were inspired to make it?

The track is inspired by the question what kind of value the night actually has for me. I always was a night person, also next to being active as a DJ. The night has a special feeling for me. The world just is totally different at night and I got super inspired by that.

  1. The song features Simon Batten who delivers an incredible vocal performance over your addictive production. Can you share with us how the project came together with Simon and what the workflow was like?

As you might know I already had a track with him back in 2020. ‘Light On You’ was our previous collab and I am so happy to have him back on a second single. His voice just has this special character I always love when working with vocalists. I also really admire him personally, so it’s been a really great creative journey with him!

  1. Can you dive into the production itself? What was your creative process like in the studio? 

The track itself lives from the fast baseline & significant synth lines, which really add a unique character to the track in my opinion! It all started out with the groove & bass and the chord structure & arrangement came from there! When I finished the instrumental I instantly had Simon’s voice in mind.

  1. You have been in the industry for more than two decades now having been at the forefront of the scene when it started in Germany. With so many experiences and great memories, which one would you say has been the most memorable moment for you?

Obviously over the course of 20 year you get to experience many memories, you’ll never forget. One of them was playing at the legendary love parade back in the days. I actually just announced the single on socials yesterday and posted a picture from this day with the announcement. It’s a feeling I’ll never forget.

  1. Technology is constantly evolving and disrupting the status quo in the music industry. What role do you see the advancements in technology having and how should artists approach them?

I guess it’s always exciting to explore new possibilities & opportunities, especially as an artist. For me, it’s important to stay true to myself and where possible explore new ways of expressing myself as an artist.

  1. Social media has given a platform to both artists and fans for a higher level of engagement. This can be both positive and detrimental for the artist as it is a constant venture that comes with its many pressures. How do you treat your use of social media and engagement with fans while also maintaining a healthy balance for yourself outside of music?

Actually, I know exactly what you are saying. For me, it’s a way of connecting & communicating with my fans directly. Especially in times right now, where we all can not be together on the dance floor it’s more important than ever for me to read through all the comments & messages. It’s just a great way of staying connected!

  1. Where do you see your sound going after this?

Actually the Felix Kröcher sound has gone into two main directions. I really love the more melodic site of Techno, while still tapping into the straighter & darker sounds. Light On You, I Am The Night are a great example of the more melodic site, whereas Rise or Hope For have been a good example for more peak time techno tracks, I love as well!

  1. Do you have more special things in the works for 2021 as things return back to normal?

I hope to get back to playing haha. Actually, I am not quite sure when this is going to happen, as it’s always a back and forth. I just keep working on music & new projects with my team 🙂

  1. There are many people out there who are just starting DJing and producing music and are big fans of your music. What’s your word of advice for them?

Find your sound first! Then explore & develop this sound. Really try to find something, which makes you unique.

  1.  What do you do in your free time that makes you happy?

Walking outside, spending time with my daughter & riding the bike 🙂

  1. This is all for now, thank you for being here and answering our questions. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us in the future to come, and hopefully see you soon at festivals and clubs, when the world comes back to normal.

Thanks so much for having me guys! Pleasure talking to you!

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