L2O Talks About his Remix for ‘Love is Gone’ and his Future Plans

Léo, aka L2O, is the story of a young French DJ with a passion for music since the age of 8, who started mixing at the age of 12. This young talent gives an average of 80 concerts a year in bars, clubs and festivals in and around Alsace (FRANCE).

  1. Hey L2O! Glad to have you here to ask you some questions about your latest remix ‘Love is Gone – David Guetta & Chris Willis’.

Hey, with pleasure. I’m really happy to be there, thank you for having me

  1. Can you please tell us why you decided to remix ‘Love is Gone’?

In 2024, I set myself the goal of releasing various remixes that have marked the history of the music industry, keeping their main soul and adding my “L2O” touch. Inspired mainly by the powerful vocals of this single, I decided to remix David Guetta & Chris Willis’ famous 2007 single in my own way, with my own musical identity – Tech House with a touch of Groove. 

  1. Can you tell us more about you, your DJ career, and your discography?

L2O is me, Léo, passionate about music since the age of 8. I perform an average of 80 DJ shows a year in bars, clubs and festivals in and around my region, Alsace (FRANCE). For example, I’ve performed at the Foire aux Vins de Colmar on several occasions, as well as at the Festival Clair de Nuit and the Foire Européenne de Strasbourg. I also mix in various places such as JAF, L’Esquisse, AM Event, Le Kraft Point and La Poudrière in Belfort. 

For a few years now, I’ve been working in production. In 2023, I decided to finally publish my work. I released 11 singles on various international labels such as: Ruva House Records for “CANDY GLAZE”, “WELLNESS” and “BONITA”, whose parent company is Ensis Records; Soave Dusk Records for “SUN TRIBE”, my flagship single of 2023, “FOLLOW UP” and also “TOUCH YOU” with Dutch artist THVNDEX. I also released two singles on No Definition Records, “EL SUENO” and “FOREVER”, whose parent company is Enormous Tunes, as well as the Seal Network label to release “HOLD UP”; Dreamer’s Island (in collaboration with Universal Music) to release “Send Me Your Love” and Deep Argentina to release “BAILA”. In just one year, I’ve recorded over 328,000 streams on Spotify. 

  1. What are your plans for 2024?

I love setting myself different goals and challenges. That’s my strength, and for 2024 I’m planning to release 1 official single and 1 remix every month. It’s important for me to share a lot of content with my fan-base, which has been with me since the beginning, as well as with the new people who are discovering me day by day. Of course, in my plans for this year, I’d like to continue all my various DJ shows, while finding new opportunities in France and abroad to share my musical universe. 

  1. What’s the most beautiful experience that you had at a gig you played until now?

My greatest memory as a DJ? When I saw the crowd dancing, jumping and singing along to one of my performances where I played my first single “FOR YOU”, released at the end of 2022. It was a real source of satisfaction to see all those happy faces singing along to my music. That’s what I love about my job: sharing my passion for music and seeing the happiness it can create.

  1. Can you tell us who’s your source of inspiration or what inspires you when you’re writing or producing music?

I’m inspired by many artists such as Fisher, Chris Lake, Hugel, James Hype, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, ACRAZE, David Guetta, Chapter & Verse. I admire their career paths and their rise to international fame. 

Anything can inspire me during my production sessions. I take the time I need to make sure I create a single that suits me, even if that means taking longer than I had originally planned. And sometimes, as chance would have it, in a very short space of time, I immediately come up with the idea I like. 

  1. What’s one thing you love doing in your free time when not making music?

Besides music, which is an integral part of my daily life, I like to recharge my batteries in nature, and go on long hikes in the mountains, on the crests of the Alps for example. Living in Alsace, I’m lucky to have beautiful landscapes to discover in the region and in the two neighboring countries.

  1. What do you hope to achieve in the next 2 years in your professional career?

Over the next two years, I’d like to develop my business on a larger scale and perform throughout France and abroad. On the production side, I’m aiming to continue creating singles and signing them to larger-scale, internationally recognized labels, such as Defected Record, Hexagone HQ and Repopulate Mars. 

  1. This is all for now. Thank you for your time answering our questions. Where can our community find out more about your music and your future releases?

Thank you for your support and for this interview. You can find me on all social networks and streaming platforms under the name L2o : 

And is the free download link for my remix « Love is Gone – David Guetta & Chris Willis (L2O Remix) » : https://hypeddit.com/l2oremixloveisgone 

Instagram: https://instagram.com/l2o_music
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ProductionLeo
Threads : https://www.threads.net/@l2o_music
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/7r572GBaQWTSwMMwDCh0OB?
AppleMusic : https://music.apple.com/fr/artist/l2o/1599237238
Deezer : https://deezer.page.link/FrJQwQZp6mxsuKH3A
Beatport : https://www.beatport.com/artist/l2o/1094637
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnZu7asEkbsMTI6sZ8dORYQ
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/l2o-production

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