Talking With Ummet Ozcan About His Most Recent Release And More

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Dutch DJ and producer Ummet Ozcan continues to push the boundaries of the MainStage with his newest release, Dust. Brooding and cinematic, the veteran producer’s latest release paints a vivid soundscape somewhere between the spacious realms of electro and techno. Ummet Ozcan is known by many for his mammoth-sized big room productions, including Beast (All as One) and Toast Hawaii, his joint release alongside the enigmatic Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, but Ozcan’s latest string of releases highlights a burning desire for darker club tunes.

On this occasion, we got to speak with Ummet and learn about this release and more:

Ummet, so nice to have you here today! How is everything going in your life?

Thank you for the invite! I am very well and happy to start tour live again. I’ve really missed it, the energy, the vibes  and experiences of playing live are priceless!

You recently released a brand new masterpiece, ‘Dust’. Must say that it sounds incredible! Tell us more about it.

I’ve always have had a soft spot for the darker and edgy stuff. You can hear that in my earlier releases like The Code and The Box. Funny enough finally in 2022 it seems that a lot of people are feeling that sound too, given the great reviews, I got on this specific more Techno cinematic ambiance in the tracks. Dust goes really deep and tells a small story, it has a touch of drama which makes it even more intangible.

It has really deep bass and kind of a dark feeling to it. Is there a story or feeling that you want the crowd to experience when listening to it?

Yes, totally, the narrative in the song will be different for everyone who listens to it. And that’s the way it should be, it is always a personal experience. 

We know from your Instagram that you are really into Martial Arts. It is such an interesting discipline to have! How does this reflect in the music you produce?

Sometimes it looks like Martial Arts are violent but in general, it is a philosophy that connects the body and mind. Often it comes with practice breathing and meditation, so this can help you with a lot of aspects like creativity which is essential.

Making such iconic music requires a lot of inspiration. Tell us, where do you get yours?

I live in an area with a lot of beautiful green forests and plenty of clean air. I like to make long walks to clear my head so I am mentally fit for new studio sessions. I’ve been working that way for many years now and it always works for me.

Now that the world is slowly getting back to normal, where can we catch you live in the near future?

Got some crazy festival gigs in Europe this summer, so you can catch me live in a lot of countries for sure. To name a few, Neversea Romania, Sunrise Festival Poland,  Biggesee Germany, and more.

Last one, if you could be an animal for a day, what would you be and why?

A bird, and in particular a bird of prey, I would love to fly and watch from above what, us silly people are doing. 

Any message for all your fans?

I’ve missed you all and can’t wait to celebrate the summer with you. Let’s make love and stop the war.

Follow Ummet Ozcan on Instagram, and listen to this latest release here.



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