Tube & Berger and Like Mike Talk About Their Unexpected Collaboration ‘Pineapple Tacos’

United by the craze of an odd glitch in the matrix, called ‘2020’, ‘Pineapple Tacos’ aims to unite people in rave again.

  1. Hello guys, how are you? We’re glad to have you here and ask you some questions about your recently release ‘Pineapple Tacos’ 

T&B, LM – Thanks for having us!

  1. Can you tell us how you guys met and how have you decided to make a collaboration?

T&B – We first met 2015 after getting invited by the lovely NERVO twins to one of their shows at Ushuaia in Ibiza. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike played a show with Steve Aoki. 

As the night went on we found ourselves playing b2b with the girls and Mike in the backstage club. Pretty wild night!

LM – It was a fun night indeed. We used to space out to T&B’s music in our 20s! The collab was a no brainer.

  1. That’s awesome. The vocals for the song are unique and basically describe the year 2020. Can you tell us how and who wrote those lyrics and also who’s the voice singing it for those who haven’t discovered it yet?

LM — It started as a funny Instagram video. I put down some vocals out of boredom during the start of the first lockdown.

T&B — Our response to his story was plain and simple: „Collab?“ A few minutes later Mike sent us the stems and immediately jumped on it.

  1. The name of the song is kinda unexpected ‘Pineapple Tacos’. Can you tell us how you decided to name it that way and what’s the story behind it?

LM — I‘m obsessed with tacos and a nice piece of grilled pineapple added to one makes one hell of a combination!

T&B — Would have been a cool band name as well. Who knows. Maybe we‘ll plan that out as well one day 😛

  1. 2020 had a massive impact on millions of people but mostly to artists whose main job is to perform for an audience. How has your life changed in 2020?

T&B — It for sure had. Trying to make the best of this crisis we refocussed our attention onto heavy studio work and balanced it out with some much appreciated family time.

  1. What’s a new skill you acquired or a thing you have finally managed to try in 2020 during the lockdown, something you have always wanted to do but you didn’t have time to?

T&B- We were thankful for the opportunity to expand our musical minds with some cool new projects and talented people! Somehow Corona is a curse and a blessing.

LM — Dito. It‘s a good time to try something new. 

  1. Do you guys play any video games?If not, what’s that hobby that brings you a smile on your face and makes your life happier?

TB — We used to game a little bit back in the days. Not so much nowadays… We‘ll try out Cyberpunk 2077 though. One thing we‘ve recently discovered is a deep love for walking in the woods. It‘s kind of meditative and healing — especially in these weird times.

LM — Haha! Sadly I can‘t make up the time (under normal circumstances). My brother Dimitri has his own Mortal Kombat character, though.

  1. Because even for well known artists the impact of COVID pandemic affected their lives, can you give some pieces of advice to all the young music producers who want to go this path into producing music?

T&B — Turn off your television and never give up!

  1. What keeps you motivated, and also what inspires you when you guys are producing music?

T&B – It‘s all about that one moment, when it hits you! These so called „magical moments“ in the studio. Also, feeling the crowd respond to a new tune is a fantastic feeling that we miss very much these days.

  1.  Can you give some sneak peaks on what you guys have prepared for 2021? Some new collaborations or something else that we missed to ask you about?

T&B —  We have a big album drop coming up. There’s going to be another nasty track with Mike on it. Expect a year filled with surprising collabs. By the way: NERVO will be one of them. We will also spend a good chunk of the year writing and producing music with all kinds of wonderful and promising artists across all kinds of genres. Even though the clubs are closed we are still dedicated lovers of club music! We‘re more dedicated than ever to keep pushing the sound of tomorrow on our labels Kittball and ZEHN Records.

  1.  We left the hardest question for the end: Pineapple or Taco, what’s your favorite?

LM — Tacos al pastor.

T&B — Can‘t wait to finally try Mike‘s famous pineapple tacos. We‘ll keep you posted with an update afterwards.

  1. This is all for now, thank you guys for being here and answering our questions. We can’t wait to see you guys at music festivals and dance on ‘Pineapple Tacos’

T&B –  Thanks for inviting us. See you there soon this year (fingers crossed)

LM – Thanks guys!

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